Evaluation of the teaching and learning in listening subject


  • Nurlaila Husain Universitas Negeri Gorontalo


Teaching and learning of Listening;, Communicative language teaching;, Evaluation.


This research aims to benchmark the practice of teaching listening subject being conducted in the English Department at State University of Gorontalo against the best practices which have been based on research and sound knowledge in the world of English language. The teaching of listening is now influenced by the rise of communicative language teaching which views language teaching as giving communicative competence to learners, not only grammatical competence as the earlier view held. The participant of the research is the third-semester of the English Department in the academic year of 2019.

This present study is conducted to evaluate the teaching of listening skills in the English Department at Gorontalo State University. Evaluation in this study is to benchmark the current practice of teaching listening in the English Department of State University of Gorontaloto the research-based practice. Research finding suggests that the teaching of listening to the English Department students partly has followed methodologies proposed by Richards and Goh (2008). This study shows that in general the practice of the teaching of listening at the English Department of State University of Gorontalois based on research-based methodologies. However, there are some points that need to be improved. Since the result of the study has addressed only some of the issues in the teaching of listening, therefore, future research on other issues of listening teaching needs to be done.




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